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3 Ways to Optimize Your Energy Level

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

What happens when you feel overwhelmed because your energy levels are low and you have so much things to take care of, that you don´t know how to manage? Maybe to panic and stress around, unable to focus on anything. Or perhaps you just break down and feel worthless? However, those reactions just lower your energy even more.

Here are three simpel ways to reversing from a position of negative stress into positive energy.

First you must let go of your negative feelings.

Start by doing something that makes you feel good. It can be a walk in the sun, listen to music you love or whatever you like to do. It is always good to involve the body in some kind of activity, because that allows some of your stress to leave you and will automatically make you feel more energized.

energi 2

Start organizing!

Sit down and write a list of things you need to do. Prioritize! What is most important and what can wait, or maybe even get off the list? Start doing one thing and feel good about it.

Stay focused!

Focus on what you are doing for the moment, find something interesting in it and put all your energy in that thing as long as you are involved in it. When you do you will be much more aware of your energy and that in return gives you more energy, because what you focus on grows.


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All the best to you!