Ivan about circumstances and desires

Are you on your right path?

Do you even know if you are? How can one be sure of that? Lots of questions to think about. Ivan is one of the MKMMA members 2015 and he has some thoughts that I want to share.

Reposted blog from Ivan Katalanic´s week 3  in the Master Key course


We all, in one way or another, find ourselves in the power of circumstances. Desires go unfulfilled, dreams never come true. And our worst expectations justify themselves, as if to spite us. Can’t we turn this around? It appears that we can. And i will learn how.

Your desires are not fulfilled, your dreams don’t come true. Aren’t you tired of chasing the sunset? The exit is not where you are seeking… Everyone has his/her path leading to true happiness.

How can you find one? MKMMA will give you the answer. The only thing that is powerful is your intention. You make your choice just as you make an order at a restaurant, without having to worry about the means to gain whatever you need. As a result, the purpose is reached no matter whatyou do.

MKMMA explains what this choice is and how it can be consciously made.
Where do dreams come from? Are they just the plot of our imagination? What do gut feelings,
intuition, discoveries and masterpieces of art have in common? In order to
get what you want you have to learn how to make your “order”.

Visit Ivan´s blog here https://mkmmacroatia.wordpress.com

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