It is all about inner change

A new MKMMA course has just began. I feel excited about going through the course again, this time as a Certified Guide. A group of beginners have sent me their written Definite Major Purpose, Theire DMPs, and my job is now to guide them on theire way to self discovery. I feel honored that I have been chosen to take part of these people’s dreams and desires. on their inner jeorney.

Almost the whole world are focusing on the outside.  Most things in most peaples lives are about what they surround themselves with. How they live, how they earn money, how much money they earn, what furniture they have, what clothes they have, how they look ……

So many people are unhappy with what they have in one way or another, and compare themselves with others. Few want to stand out and differ from the rest. Life becomes all about getting things others have, to do things that others do and sometimes even look like the others do. It is so sad and nobody can find real happiness that way.

It´s naturall and healthy to desire lovely and beautiful things for your self whatever they may be. Money, travelling, clothes, free time, close relationships, children, happiness …… the list is endless ….. because we are different!

We all have our own Definite Major Purpose, our own Dahrma here on earth and it is our duty to to our selfs and to the world to find out what that is. Why are we here and what unic gifts do we have, each and one of us, to offer the world? When we have found out, we are able to live our lifes as we desire, get the things we want, make the changes we want ……. but we don´t get this done by keep our focus on external circunstances!

It is all about inner change, and to make that change happen, we need to go on a jeorney in our inner world and make new discoverys there. That is probably the most exciting trip you can do.

inner growth

More to come on this next week!


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