Can one have too much opinions?

Do you always give your opinion?

Some people seems to have opinions on everything. Do you like to hear them? Probably not, most of the times, if you haven´t asked for them. How about those who ask lot of questions? Tanya Pritchett is one of the members in 2015 MKMMA course. She has written an interesting post about those things.

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Too opinionated!

When I was younger I was told by the pastor at the church I attended (I was not a member of the church but, I grew up in the church and my whole family had joined; i.e. gotten baptized, in the church) that my sister and I were “too opinionated”.  I took offense to this as it was a reflection given after I had questioned this pastor about the differences between Catholics and Baptists; after all, we are all Christian.  I had been baptized Catholic as an infant and had attended Catholic church occasionally with my aunt and her family.  I had not converted but had been very active in that church.  The pastor often brought this to the congregation’s attention during his sermons or in conversations with me individually.  So, during one of these conversations I asked him what was the difference between a Catholic and Baptist; why was it so important for me to convert?  His response was, “There is a big difference” but, he never actually gave me any differences.  So, I questioned him and questioned why it mattered.  I was labeled “opinionated” as a result.

I haven’t thought about that in a while but, being challenged with not expressing any opinions this week caused me to think back to that label and wonder, “Was he right?  Was I too opinionated then and am I still today?”  I consulted the dictionary to define opinionated.

opinionated:  adjective; obstinate or conceited with regard to the merit ofone’s own opinions; conceitedly dogmatic.

Go to Tanya´s blog and read more.
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