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profileHi, and welcome to my blog! I am Maria; a mom, wife, therapist and a lot of other things ….. and now a blogger. I´am surprised myself. Never thought I would blog and certainly not in English. But here I am!

Some of the things I’m interested in are health, nutrition, quantum medicine and things that helps people to find their true self and develope. Those persons who goes their own way and live their dreams have always fascinated me. I´ve gone through tons of self development stuff, but not until I came across the MKMMA course I found something that is totally unic. It actually began when I came in contact with Go90Grow, a course for Network Marketing people, in the spring of 2014. A fantastic course that was the reason that I found MKMMA.

I started the 6-month MKMMA-course in autumn 2014. You can read about my experiences during the course under Master Key. Going through the course led to the decision to go ahead and become a certified guide for the opportunity to help people on their journey through MKMMA. I´m looking forward to do so when this years course starts in September.

I think that far too many people just follow the masses and stop thinking for them selfes. As young children we are our true selfs naturally. Through school and adult life we are exposed to forces that want to mold us into a homogeneous mass, and it is sad. I want people to dare to be themselves because we all have something unique to contribute. Live, love and be your self!

Here am I with some of them I love most in life.

Here am I with some of them I love most in life.

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2 thoughts on “About Maria

  1. Donald Overlander

    Thank you for sharing a little about yourself Maria! It most certainly HAS been (and continues to be!) a life changing experience – so glad to be a part of the Guides with you! Definitely going to be amazing to herald people toward the Hero’s Journey that will take them through the self-discovery needed to find their bliss!



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